“There is always too little time to do things right, and in the end you start regretting doing them the way you did. So you better take your time to do them right from the first attempt.”

This should be engraved in my retina or something – as a constant reminder of what I already know but sometimes choose to forget. Last week was a busy week: deadlines on the job, personal stuff going on, and so on.

I have bought and picked up that second 9600 (233 Mhz version, 320 Megs of RAM and another 4 gig SCSI drive) for spare parts, it costed me 40 euro. Not that much, since it is  the donor system for my main ‘tower of power’.

In a moment of extacy and joy, I chose to ‘swap’ the processor and upgrade – instantly – the newer machine to OSX. Needless to to say, it bombed. No structure, no planning, no contingency, no drivers for the vid-card, no backup. Back to square 01.

Anyway, I need to get the system up and running now, or it will loose momentum in my life and it will end up on a mountain of rubble somewhere in between the garbage basement and the boiler room – which is not the intention.

Plan of Attack:

  1. restore 9600/300 machine to G4/800 condition (running OS8.1) –> Done
  2. upgrade that machine to OS9.2.2 (need OS9 disks for that)
  3. Install Vid-Card (ATI Radeon 7000 64 megs)
  4. INstall secondairy HD and system folders (dual boot)
  5. Upgrade to OSX (10.4)
  6. Install USB card
  7. Maintain a stable system setup
  8. Enjoy my Macintoshplatform
  9. Buy some fancy kick #ss flatpanel screen

This time around, we’ll do it correctly.


Going ballistic with the Sonnet

I have had the heart – after reinstalling OS Eight – to plug the G4 card in. It actually works. I am looking for tools to record the speed bump it has received – check again soon.

OS Eight & a spare parts machine.

My 9600 was chrashing at startup the last weeks – I havent been able to find my original OS Nine CD’s, so I had to revert back to OS Eight. What a difference it makes. I am gearing up to go to Nine any day now.

The good news is that I was able to score a second hand backup machine – an ageing 9600/233 for little money. I will be able to salvage 320 Megs of memory (that alone is worth more than € 40) and a 4 Gig HD (perhaps with some goodies on them. That plus the comforting thought of having a spareparts machine should the Power Supply or another crucial component decided to blow.

I’ll pick it up next weekend. I am starting to feel like one of those guys in the movies – pushing a shopping cart full of old tin cans. Keep the faith, keep the faith.


I have been absent for some time – due to a business trip to China. I did not have the opportunity to work on the ‘project’, but I am making new resolutions.

The original 9600/300 as it came

Set of pictures of the original 9600, before modifications and as it is today.
Detail of the Motherboard:

Motherboard Detail

The Sonnet Crescendo arrived

Sonnet Crescendo

Things I was able to score up untill now

Second hand:

  • 9600/300 in standard trim including 160 megs of RAM.
  • Sonnet Crescendo G4/800 Upgrade Card.
  • ATI Radeon 7000 64MB PCI Mac Edition


  •  LaCie PCI USB 2.0 card. Still have to get this one.


  • Second 9600 for spare parts & components salvaging (RAM/Disk).
  • PCI FireWire Card
  • Ethernet 100Mbps card or something similar.

I am on a budget though – so I have to watch what I do.I’ll post later on the planning for the upgrades.

PCI Alignment in the 9600

Just an old instruction I found on PCI-slot order and potential issues/resolutions. Interesting read and good to know in advance:

In Power Macintosh 9500 and 9600 systems (including the Power Macintosh 9600/200MP), there are six PCI slots (A1, B1, C1, D2, E2, F2), which are serviced by two PCI controller chips (Bandit 1 and Bandit 2). Theoretically, each controller chip can handle up to four PCI cards. However, in order to even the data bandwidth load, three PCI slots are distributed to each controller. Specifically, Bandit 1 controls slots A1-C1, and Bandit 2 controls slots D2-F2. This distribution can almost be thought of as two PCI buses with three slots each. Read more »

What is the purpose?

Several things drove me towards setting up this blog:

  • my personal need to store info centrally on this specific subject
  • the interest to share my experience with millions of other people (NOT)
  • the ease and comfort of actually setting this up.
  •  just to do this and see how it turns out.

It will be just a record of what I do to upgrade this old machine. There is numerous information out there – check the links – but I will record my personal endeavour here.