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OS Eight & a spare parts machine.

My 9600 was chrashing at startup the last weeks – I havent been able to find my original OS Nine CD’s, so I had to revert back to OS Eight. What a difference it makes. I am gearing up to go to Nine any day now.

The good news is that I was able to score a second hand backup machine – an ageing 9600/233 for little money. I will be able to salvage 320 Megs of memory (that alone is worth more than € 40) and a 4 Gig HD (perhaps with some goodies on them. That plus the comforting thought of having a spareparts machine should the Power Supply or another crucial component decided to blow.

I’ll pick it up next weekend. I am starting to feel like one of those guys in the movies – pushing a shopping cart full of old tin cans. Keep the faith, keep the faith.