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I have been absent for some time – due to a business trip to China. I did not have the opportunity to work on the ‘project’, but I am making new resolutions.


Things I was able to score up untill now

Second hand:

  • 9600/300 in standard trim including 160 megs of RAM.
  • Sonnet Crescendo G4/800 Upgrade Card.
  • ATI Radeon 7000 64MB PCI Mac Edition


  •  LaCie PCI USB 2.0 card. Still have to get this one.


  • Second 9600 for spare parts & components salvaging (RAM/Disk).
  • PCI FireWire Card
  • Ethernet 100Mbps card or something similar.

I am on a budget though – so I have to watch what I do.I’ll post later on the planning for the upgrades.

What is the purpose?

Several things drove me towards setting up this blog:

  • my personal need to store info centrally on this specific subject
  • the interest to share my experience with millions of other people (NOT)
  • the ease and comfort of actually setting this up.
  •  just to do this and see how it turns out.

It will be just a record of what I do to upgrade this old machine. There is numerous information out there – check the links – but I will record my personal endeavour here.